About the Heritage Venue

The Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue is situated in Shed Mill – part of the Black Dyke Mills complex in Queensbury, Bradford. The Venue hosts concerts, exhibitions, workshops and events for active community engagement in the textile, transport and musical heritage of Queensbury.

The Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue is managed by Queensbury Community Heritage & Action Partnership (QCHAP) and is supported by a Bradford South Ward Grant.

We have no bar but hot drinks and delicious homemade food is available at every performance. Seating for all concerts is cabaret style – you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy at your table. The mill can get a bit chilly so it is wise to dress up warm – this is Queensbury after all!

Queensbury Community Heritage & Action Partnership (QCHAP) has grown out of the series of 2013-2014 Sesquicentennial events that celebrated the 150th anniversary since the cluster of hamlets known as Queenshead acquired the name Queensbury, by royal assent.

We aim to:


    by hosting concerts, exhibitions, workshops and events


    especially in the areas of the textile, transport and musical heritage of Queensbury.

“… culture is useless unless it is constantly challenged by a counter-culture. People create culture; culture creates people. It is a two-way street. When people hide behind a culture you know that it’s a dead culture, which is good for a museum but not good for human society. To experience progress, human society needs to move on, evolving and creating its own new culture step by step … a live culture that is dynamic and self-regenerating.”

Muhammad Yunus (2010:66)
Building Social Business: the New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs.

With strong and generous backing from the Lowry Partnership we have the use of a substantial space in the Black Dyke Mills complex. We are all volunteers. With the mill owner’s generous backing, we have created a performance area, a cafe area and a space for exhibitions, market.

Our series of gigs aims to promote the music heritage of Queensbury and we’re particularly interested in people performing their own music, either local emerging talent or more established artists from further afield.

In our first year we hosted a wide range of performers including Fiona-Katie Roberts, internationally acclaimed harpist and Seth Bennett, brilliant on double bass, Roger Davies, singer/songwriter. Rakish Paddy led a ceilidh and Play for Ale also kept feet tapping. See our past events page for reviews and posters of many other performers.

We’ve had some famous visitors too!

Contact Richard Hall 07920 122735 or Paul Hadwen 07801 048100 if you are interested in performing at the Venue.

Want to host your own event at the Venue? See our bookings information:

Perched on a high vantage point above Clayton and Thornton and overlooking Bradford itself, Queensbury is one of the highest parishes in England, with fine views beyond the West Yorkshire conurbation to the hills of Brontë Country and the Yorkshire Dales to the north and north west.

Queensbury was originally known as Queenshead. That name was derived from a local pub (still existing) which was popular with travellers on the pack horse route from Halifax to Bradford. The history of travel through Queensbury is legendary and we want to sustain this legend in a traffic-free connection for cyclists and walkers, linking to Bradford and Halifax via the gentle gradient of the mile-and-a-half long Queensbury Tunnel below the village.

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