Once in a while along comes the ‘complete vocalist, that rare and talented individual who can take any style and turn it effortlessly into their own. Nicki Allan is that vocalist – whether it be Jazz, Soul, Gospel or Blues, Nicki’s rich timbre and superb vocal range enable her to move the hearts of the most hardened sceptic and draw in the listener to connect in a way rarely experienced nowadays.

Rod Mason is a Midland lad who moved North to study the Saxophone at the now Huddersfield University. He started playing the saxophone aged 12 during his 2nd year at secondary school and now is one of the leading players around.

 The Nicki Allan Project – featuring Rod Mason, Nicki Allan & Josh Cavanna-Brierly are live at the mill on Monday 11 September 2017.

 Tickets are £5.00 on the door. Hot food and drinks on sale. Bring along a bottle of you fancy something stronger. Wrap up warm – it is Queensbury in September!